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Cordless Heat Gun for Dewalt 20V Battery - LCD Digital Display

Cordless Heat Gun for Dewalt 20V Battery - LCD Digital Display

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NOTICE: Battery not included. Please remove the battery when not in use.

【Efficient and Powerful Heating】The Dewalt cordless heat gun for 18V/20V batteries is a highly efficient tool that heats up quickly to its maximum temperature in just seconds. The blue LCD light display shows temperature parameters, making it easy and convenient to use. The heat gun comes with two temperature settings: Low (50-300°C) and High (300-550°C), and six air volume settings, Low (100-180L/min) and High (220-280L/min).
【Battery-Powered】This heat gun is powered by Dewalt 18V/20V MAX Lithium-ion Batteries, including DCB206, DCB205, DCB204, DCB181, DCB182, DCB200, DCB203, DCB205-2, DCB204-2, DCB206-2, and more, providing long-lasting and reliable power.
【Cordless and Convenient Design】The cordless heat gun is lightweight, weighing only 0.5kg, with button adjustments, and a fixed position feature that enables you to work without limitations or restrictions. This design makes it easy to work in tight spaces, job sites, or outdoors.
【Additional Features】The heat gun is equipped with several features such as an LED work light, power-off memory, and overheat protection that provide added safety and convenience. The overheat protection feature automatically shuts off the heat gun if it exceeds a safe operating temperature. The power-off memory feature saves the trouble of switching on and off and resetting, ensuring long-term durability and safety.
【Wide Range of Applications】This cordless heat gun is a powerful and versatile tool that is safe for all your heating applications. Its efficient heating, cordless design, battery-powered operation, lightweight and ergonomic design, and 5 nozzle attachments for shrink, wrapping, crafts, paint removal, electronics repair, and more make it a valuable tool for various industries.

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